In an ideal world, a handshake would be enough for a partnership. While we cannot give you an ideal world we can give you exemplary legal advice. When considering a partnership, you will first need to determine whether it is to your advantage to form a general partnership or a limited partnership. With general partnerships, each partner is equally liable for all the debts. Limited partners are only liable for the amount they invest. However, as a limited partner you cannot take part in management or act on behalf of the company. So how do you decide which would be more beneficial to your company?

We at Bin Haider Advocates will use our expert knowledge of the law to help you determine which type of partnership suits you best. Then we will help you draw up agreements to make sure you don’t suffer for any wrongdoings your partner might potentially commit. Even when partnerships work out well they still get messy when they dissolve. The only way to keep yourself from ending up covered in dirt is by drawing up an excellent legal agreement right from the start.

Meet Our Team

What distinguishes Bin Haider Advocates from other law firms is our expert team. Our team is comprised of lawyers, attorneys and researchers who are all highly qualified. Each team member specializes in a specific field, which they know inside out. What's more, most of our team members are bilingual or even trilingual and will be more than happy to assist you in the language you are more comfortable speaking.